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Pinnacle Exteriors proudly provides the community of Wellesley MA with our award winning roofing services as we do for our home based residents of Newton and the surrounding towns. Whether you’re looking for a roof repair, or replacement,  our team of carefully selected professionals have years of experience to get the job done. With the snow and ice build-up and unusual whether over the past couple of years, many of the local roofs are in need of an evaluation. If you’re looking for an initial consultation or an updated assessment, our focus is providing you with the highest quality of professionalism and services using nothing but the best products available. Interested in learning a bit more about our team’s roofing services? Keep reading below for more information!

Asphalt Shingle Installation Services in Wellesley, MA

To begin, let’s discuss our team’s roof installation services. We are happy to carry the most popular roofing option in the nation, asphalt shingles, for homeowners in need. Known for their durability, longevity, and aesthetic appeal, asphalt shingles are a fantastic option for any Wellesley, MA homeowner. For those who are interested in installing a new roof on their home this year, our team at Pinnacle Roofing has a wide array of asphalt shingle options to choose from, including options from one of the country’s most popular options, GAF, with which our team is certified contractors.

However, roofing installations aren’t the only service our team offers to the Wellesley, MA community. Interested in learning more about what we offer to the Wellesley, MA community? Keep reading below for more information!

Roof Repairs in Wellesley, MA

While our team is happy to provide our installation services, we’re also here to assist with homeowners roof repair needs. In Wellesley, which sees a wide array of weather including blizzards, thunderstorms, & high winds, there are often homeowners who deal with roof damage and need to repair their shingle system, rather than fully replacing it. For homeowners in need of roof repairs, our team is happy to be able to provide our services.

From broken or missing shingles, to warping, buckling, cracking, & much more, our team is ready to assist with all of your roof repair needs. Reach out to our team today for more information!

Roof Ventilation in Wellesley, MA

Lastly, our team offers a number of niche roofing services, including leak protection & ice dam treatments, chimney repair services, and perhaps most importantly, our roof ventilation services. For homeowners who need help optimizing their roofing system and keeping every aspect of the system well-maintained, our team is happy to provide our roof ventilation services. A properly ventilated roof will protect the system from damage, keep the home more energy efficient, and in the winter, help to prevent the formation of ice dams. Interested in learning more about our team’s roofing services? Reach out today to get started! We look forward to assisting you!

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We don’t just care about your roof, we care about the people beneath it and thats why we follow strict safety and industry protocols. Pinnacle Exteriors takes great pride in their entire roofing process which is known as one of the smoothest in the industry. When you work with Pinnacle Exteriors, you can take great comfort in knowing the owner is onsite from initial assessment to completion of project, to ensure a smooth delivery.

We are Wellesley’s premier roofing company, readily available to capture all of client’s visions. Call us today for your roofing repair, replacement, installation, leak detection or any additional carpentry services at 617-237-2855 or use our contact form here as well.