Pinnacle Exteriors provides the residents of Needham with full roofing services from repairs, replacements, old and new installation, leak detection as well as additional carpentry services. We have thousands of quality roofing products and colors to choose from to fit the vision of our clients.  With New England’s fickle weather, Needham residents count on Pinnacle Exteriors to prepare and maintain their roof for anything Mother Nature might throw at them.

When you choose Pinnacle Exteriors you can expect a widely trusted, reputable company known for their award winning restorations through the Historical Society in Cambridge. You can count on us to provide you with an affordable quote and a perfected process that is known to be one of the smoothest in the industry. Our highly trained professionals follow strict safety and industry protocols at all times and the owner is onsite throughout the duration of your project. From initial assessment to completion of your project, our team is there to answer all of your questions in order to ensure that we capture your vision to the fullest.

With Needham less than 30 minutes away from the heart of Boston, MA  and the abutting town of Pinnacles home base of Newton; we’ve had the honor of building many strong relationships throughout the community. With our full line of quality products and services, we’re here to add value or change the look of your home. For further information, please call us at 617-237-2855 or fill out our contact form today.