What’s The Right Roofing Material For Me?

If you’re a homeowner, you may have questions about roofing materials. There are a number of options for homeowners to choose from, and depending on your preferences, you can keep your home protected and looking great with the right material. Since there is a wide variety of roofing materials, it may be difficult to close in on one singular choice, however, in today’s blog, we’ll be taking a closer look at the different types of roofing materials. If that sounds interesting, keep reading below for more information!

The ‘Right’ Roofing Material

Keep in mind that homes aren’t always created equal. As such, it’s best that your roofing material adhere to the uniqueness and functionality of your own home. You may also want to consider environmental logistics as well, as climates can have different effects on different roofing materials! Ultimately, the ‘right’ roofing material boils down to what simply works best for you and your home.

Popular Roofing Materials & Their Characteristics

As mentioned, there is a vast number of roofing materials out there, so isolating the best option can be a complicated process. The most prominent materials include:

Asphalt Shingle

Asphalt shingle, which we are proud to offer here at Pinnacle Exteriors, remains one of the most ubiquitous roofing materials for homes here in the United States. The reason for it’s popularity? They can be a tremendous value for homeowners, as they are undeniably one of the more budget-friendly options out there. Asphalt shingles also come in an impressive variety of colors and styles, making it one of the most versatile options for homeowners However, on the down side, asphalt shingles are not championed for being the most durable material – their lifespans are not known to be the longest.


In modern times, metal has rose in popularity for homeowners, as it is unmistakably durable. Especially in harsher climates (like here in New England) metal roofing does an excellent job keeping inclement weather at bay. Whether rain, snow, hail, UV rays, or high winds – metal roofing is sure to stand tall against the elements. Due to it’s durable nature, metal is credited for having a superb lifespan in comparison to other heavyweights such as asphalt shingle. Though strong, metal roofing is not the most cost-effective option out there, and can easily exceed your budget.

Clay + Concrete Tiles

Though sometimes overshadowed by their contemporaries, clay and concrete tiles can certainly give a pleasant Southwestern edge to any home. One of the most unique-looking materials out there, these tiles are reminiscent of Old World architecture, particularly from that of Mediterranean Europe. Clay and concrete tiles fare quite well against the elements, particularly the hot sun, but are not the most budget-friendly option.

Looking For Roofing Maintenance?

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