Damaged Shingles

How to Find a Roof Leak 

Noticing a stain on your ceiling or discovering mold growth in the home is a telltale sign of a roof leak. Noticing these symptoms of a leak is a good start, but the harsh reality is that by the time there’s signs of water inside the home, the leak has been going on for quite some time. It becomes an expensive game of hide-and-seek as you’re wandering around the house trying to locate where the roof leak began so you can stop the damage from continuing to occur. You have to find the source of the leak before it can be repaired, so start using these steps to identify the source of the problem! 

Start in the Attic

The first step to locating a leak is to take a look around your attic. Go into the attic during the day and look up to see if there’s any daylight shining through. You can also go up right after a rainstorm, or after thoroughly spraying the roof with a hose, and look for a water leak coming through. 

Inspect the Insulation 

The insulation in your attic is likely to obscure your vision when you’re looking for daylight or water. Instead of viewing this as an obstacle, use it to your advantage! Look at the insulation to check for an area that seems to be deteriorating faster than the rest. If your roof has a leak that’s getting the insulation wet, it will deteriorate quickly. Once you identify the damaged area of insulation, follow it as far as you can to determine the origin of the leak. Since water runs downward on a roof, the worst spot of insulation deterioration may not be where the water is actually entering the attic. 

Check Roof Vents 

Roof vents play an important part in regulating the temperature and moisture levels in your home. Roof vents are most commonly found at either end of the roof or at the ridge where two areas of the roof connect. Roof vents are prone to leaking as the seals wear down overtime. It can be difficult to determine if your roof vent has a good seal or not, so this is a good time to call in a professional!

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